RO concept OSCAR franchise

A modern gas station adapted to the modern driver's needs.

In a partnership defined by respect
and a team player attitude,
you have access to a brand with national visibility
and high-quality fuel.

A modern gas station adapted to the modern driver's needs.

In a partnership defined by respect and fairness, you have access to a brand with national visibility and high-quality fuel.

RO for you,
the driver who enters our station

RO concept OSCAR represents a natural step of OSCAR's entry into the fuel retail. OSCAR has developed RO, a brand designed to complement the OSCAR Drive network, with additional services and products, integrating into the current network a new gas station concept that uses OSCAR's integrated logistics chain.

A good journey starts with you - this is the promise of our new brand. When you hit the road, you need a reliable friend who can support you in any situation: with quality fuel, coffee, and a kind word.

To give you the best experience, we hit the road with the following values:


RO is a modern gas station, adapted to the needs of today's driver, with personalized services and modern branding.


When you come to RO, we do our best to make you as comfortable as possible. We welcome you with a smile and help you hit the road with a good mood. And if you want to spend time with us, we invite you for a coffee and a good word.


We offer you OSCAR Downstream fuels, the largest independent fuel distribution company in Romania. Quality is guaranteed by OSCAR's experience with companies from all fields of activity and by its own integrated logistics chain: import - transport - storage - addition - distribution.

Services and products adapted to the needs of the modern driver


RO gas stations can include, in addition to gas and diesel fuel, an LPG station, electric car charging stations, car washing, 24/7 store, etc. The existing services and fuels for each RO station are available on the OSCAR Network Interactive Map.

RO for you,
the franchise partner

This is the beginning of a journey that we will travel together!

RO concept OSCAR is OSCAR's franchise gas station brand. We want to take the OSCAR values and quality, further in retail, in the segment of independent gas stations.

We believe in a partnership defined by respect and fairness on both sides. Not only on paper, but also in reality! For us, partnership is not just a simple collaboration contract. It is a commitment to you and to your gas station customers, who will find the same values and the same quality of service and fuel in every RO station.

With the RO network, we offer you the opportunity of a brand with national visibility and access to high-quality fuel.


Why become a RO franchise partner?

  • We provide you with a high quality fuel that will attract customers to the gas station and will bring visibility in the market.
  • We have the know-how specific to fuel storage, sale and marketing and the required know-how for operating fuel distribution stations (gas stations).
  • We have a business model with proven performance.
  • We establish a long-term commercial relationship for the fuel sale, through the gas station, using the experience and reputation of the OSCAR brands.
  • We offer you a well-established model for promoting the RO franchise and network.
  • We support you in expanding the number of customers and sales.
  • You have OSCAR card acceptance from the start and our support in expanding the number of acceptances.

We are your partners on the road to success!


    It includes information of a commercial, technical and administrative nature, as well as the practical oil&gas specific knowledge, consisting of:
  • The fuel sales model through gas stations, adapted to customer needs;
  • The set of standards, regulations, procedures, sales techniques, specific software, which serve to organize and manage the supply and fuel marketing through gas stations;
  • The specific arrangement of gas stations (visual elements, marketing activities, etc.);
  • POS techniques (point of sales), as they are exemplified in the RO Franchise Manual - a basic element of the OSCAR - RO partnership.

A good journey starts with you and a correct partnership!


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Are you curious how large the RO network is?

Over 80 RO stations are now waiting for you, nationwide.



Are you interested in joining the RO franchise?

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