Industrial lubricants
and petrochemicals


Wide range of road bitumen, with delivery anywhere in Romania.

Industrial lubricants

Wide range of oils for industrial and railway use.


OSCAR markets a wide range of road bitumen, leading petrochemical products, of superior quality, in accordance with the latest European standards (EN).

The modern production capacities of classic and modified road bitumen of our partners in the EU make it possible to deliver any order of bitumen/petrochemical product on the Romanian territory, with technical and logistic support provided up to the destination requested by the customer.


The bitumen marketed by OSCAR, is in accordance with the EN12591 standard, meets the most demanding requirements and can be used as a modern binder, suitable for the sustainable development of any road network.

The additives used in the manufacturing process of these petrochemical products improve the degree of adhesion between the asphalt components, thus ensuring the life extension of the road structure.

Marketed bitumen

Road bitumen type: 20/30, 35/50, 50/70, 70/100, 100/150 and 160/220

Modified bitumen type: 10/40-60, 10/40-65, 25/55-60, 25/55-65, 45/80-55, 45/80-60, 45/80-65, 65/105-60, 120/200-40.

Industrial lubricants

OSCAR markets a wide range of industrial lubricants and motor oils for industrial/automotive and rail applications.

The industrial lubricants in OSCAR's offer are carefully selected to offer partners a diversified portfolio, which includes influential brands with substantial market support.


The lubricants offered by OSCAR are high quality industrial lubricants and automotive oils that ensure proper management and extended life of engines and other complex equipments.

All ranges sold comply with international performance specifications and recommendations of equipment manufacturers.

Marketed oils

• Multigrade/monograde motor oils
• Car transmission oils
• Hydraulic oils
• Oils for transmissions and industrial gears
• Oils for turbines
• Oils for compressors
• Oils for railway applications
• Greases



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