Together with those who build,
step by step.
Fuel supply source in the proximity
of the construction site.

Fuel supply source in the proximity of the construction site.


Time is one of the important resources of a construction project,

along with a quality raw material, professionalism and passionate people.

OSCAR is there for those who build, with integrated products and services, adapted to each partner specialized in construction: flexibility and fast supply of diesel, control of expenses and consumption on the machinery and transport machines used, a quality fuel that protects the engine and personalized consultancy.

The machines need a quality fuel, which ensures an optimal operation on long term.

The quality of OSCAR fuel is guaranteed by its own integrated logistics chain.

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OSCAR in-house fuelling stations

An integrated package of services and products for those who need fuelling points on their own premises or a fuelling solution combined with the fleet card.

Save time and optimize your diesel consumption with OSCAR in-house fuelling stations, with delivery included, free maintenance and a dedicated service team.


OSCAR fleet cards

A B2B concept for fuelling car fleets with gasoline and diesel in the national OSCAR fuel stations network (RO gas stations and OSCAR Drive stations).

Choose the fleet card that suits your activity for a minimum consumption of 500 litres/month, with 24/7 technical support and national coverage.


En-gross fuel

OSCAR supply solution suited for those who have their own storage capacity and need an adaptable and flexible partner.

Order now and have delivery within 24 hours since order confirmation!

OSCAR for construction companies


Flexibility and adaptability

Advantageous contracting conditions, adapted to the specifics of construction companies.


Controlled quality

Fuel and service quality, ensured by the OSCAR integrated logistics chain.


Supply optimization and specialized consulting

Supply control and cost optimizations are supported by the management applications of the OSCAR in-house fuelling stations and fleet cards as well as by the specialized sales and logistics OSCAR team providing permanent support and advice for choosing the optimal fuel supply solution for each construction company.


Integrated service packages

Integrated packages of services and products: the OSCAR in-house fuelling station offered in a commodatum agreement, with technical support, free maintenance, specialized service of the station and diesel delivery; fuel card for transport needs; en-gross delivery with the OSCAR tanker fleet.


Efficiency and promptness

Fast delivery, within 24 hours of order confirmation, to the location of your construction site.

Fuel for construction businesses


Care. Professionalism. Respect. Quality. Responsibility.

The same values in every partnership!


Online contracting

Are you interested in a prepaid fuel card or do you need en-gross fuel with advance payment?

Apply online and quickly benefit from a high quality fuel!

OSCAR integrated
logistics chain

The quality of OSCAR’s services & products is guaranteed by its own integrated logistics chain.

7 warehouses and over 100 fuel tankers bring the OSCAR fuel closer to you.



For any information related to OSCAR fuel supply solutions for construction companies, contact us at:

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