Choose the best fuel
that satisfy your needs!

OSCAR fuel – quality and performance

OSCAR fuel – quality and performance


A quality fuel always helps you enjoy your vehicle longer.

The road is more than a number of kilometres travelled to reach the destination. It is our daily road, which we take as drivers, transporters, farmers, builders, by using sophisticated vehicles, that bring us an increased safety and efficiency. New technologies respond well to the latest challenges, but come with high fuel quality requirements.

Today, the road is an experience!

Choose the best OSCAR fuel for your vehicle, so that your experience is, at the end of the day, a pleasant and satisfying one.


The right fuel

for your business.


Standard fuels, designed

for an efficient vehicle operation.


Premium fuels, designed

for increased performance.


For environmental protection

and optimal operation of SCR systems.

OSCAR fuel

A quality guaranteed by the OSCAR integrated logistics chain.

OSCAR integrated
logistics chain

The quality of OSCAR’s services & products is guaranteed by its own integrated logistics chain.

7 warehouses and over 100 fuel tankers bring the OSCAR fuel closer to you.



Online contracting

Are you interested in a prepaid fuel card or do you need en-gross fuel with advance payment?

Apply online and quickly benefit from a high quality fuel!



The OSCAR network

Do you need freedom of movement or a solution in your proximity?

110+ stations are waiting for you now, nationwide.