Lubricants and petrochemicals


OSCAR sells a wide range of road bitumen, a superior quality in accordance to the latest European standards (EN).

With the new production technologies of our EU partners we can deliver any bitumen order on the Romanian territory, having the technical and logistic support included to the delivery destinations.

Bitumen details

- Complies with the most demanding requirements and can be used as a modern binding agent, suitable for the sustainable development of any road network. Additives used to produce the bitumen improve the adhesion between the asphalt components, thus ensuring the extension of the life of the road structure.

- Respects the EN12591 standard for classical bitumen types: 20/30, 35/50, 50/70, 70/100, 100/150 and 160/220, and modified bitumen types: 10/40-60, 10/40-65, 25/55-60, 25/55-65, 45/80-55, 45/80-60, 45/80-65, 65/105-60, 120/200-40.


OSCAR provides a wide range of engine oils, industrial and oils with rail industry applications.

The distributed lubricants are carefully selected to provide our partners a diversified portfolio that includes influential brands with sustainable support on the market. Choosing a quality oil ensures the correct management and life extension for engines and other expensive equipment.

Therefore, the products offered by OSCAR meet the international performance specifications as well as the recommendations of equipment manufacturers.

Oil portfolio includes
  • Multigrade/monograde engine oil
  • Transmission oil
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Industrial transmissions and gears oils
  • Turbine oils
  • Compressors oils
  • Railway application oils
  • Lubricants

En-gross sales

With a team specialized in sales and logistics, we aim to provide our clients with the best fuel supply and consumption optimization solutions. The wholesale distribution of petroleum products is supported by a network of 7 fuel warehouses spread throughout the country.

OSCAR in-house fuelling stations

OSCAR - DIESELpoint in house fuelling stations are the optimal solution for companies that aim a rigorous control of diesel supply and consumption, covering different requirements across all industries.

OSCAR fleet card

The OSCAR fleet card is a B2B business concept based on using the personalized fuel card within the OSCAR fuel stations network, a network with national coverage and stations placed on the main commercial routes.

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