The road is more than just a number of kilometers driven to your destination. It is our daily journey as drivers, transporters, farmers or builders using increasingly sophisticated vehicles that bring added safety and efficiency. Technology faces growing challenges, but with ever more demanding fuel quality requirements.

Today, the road is an experience. Because we want you to have your best journey experience, we have prepared 2 new, enriched, fuel brands. A quality fuel helps your car and you, to get an optimum experience.


Fuel your driving pleasure no matter the road of today, or tomorrow.

ACTIS 95 is an enriched gasoline that protects the engine by preventing admission system, valves and injection deposits. Continuous use of ACTIS 95 fuel ensures an optimum engine operation.

ACTIS DIESEL is the perfect diesel for all diesel engines types by preventing and eliminating the residue deposits formed in the injection systems. The performant additive allows an improved fuel stability and a guaranteed quality preservation.


Get a new experience on your daily ride.

FORTIS 95+ is the premium gasoline that offers an extra engine power and performance. The new diesel formula was designed to turn your journey into an improved experience.

FORTIS DIESEL is the premium diesel formula designed to reduce emissions and fuel consumption while adding extra engine power and increased performance.

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