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Leader on wholesale diesel distribution, in-house fuelling service or diesel fuel distribution exclusively through personalized cards, Oscar Downstream is confident in its future.

Launched in 2001, Oscar Downstream is the biggest independent oil company diesel distributor in Romania.

In-house fuelling service
Starting 2004 Oscar Downstream introduced on the Romanian market the filling stations service (DIESELpoint), the company became a services and full logistical support provider....
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Petrol based products wholesale are held by a network of fuel depots spread across the entire country’s territory, depots equipped to the top domain standards.

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DIESELpoint Access
fleet card service
The DIESELpoint Access service represents a business to business concept of supplying the partner companies’ auto fleets with diesel fuel exclusively through personalized cards...
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livrare rapida motorina
Auto fleet
Our own auto park consisting of 48 tank trucks supports the distribution of oil based products in optimal safety conditions anywhere in the country
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Fuel distribution
Our team of professionals in sales and logistics will provide efficient solutions and consulting for high fuel consumption but also the solution for fuel supply.
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